I’m Tina, an experienced German web developer with a love for carefully crafted websites, elegant code and innovative technologies. Even better if I can combine these with generative art, augmented reality or unique and novel user interfaces! I’ve just moved up to Cairns and am available for interesting projects.

Selected Work

screenshot of entry for Young Glory campaign

Young Glory Finalist Entry

Young Glory is the only worldwide competition devoted to creative consistency. It is also your chance to get work in front of a big industry name every month.”
— quoted from website

Together with Lauren Burley I entered Young Glory’s round 3 with some generated artwork. Our concept was to visualise the Quran’s content to convince people that it’s not the book of evil that many seem to think it is.
For this I’ve written a NodeBox program that extracts social keywords from the Quran and a Processing program that arranges those keywords on a greyscale image and connects them.

Macquarie University Student Portal

As a maintenance project I rebuilt the front page for logged in users on the Macquarie University Student Portal, building on top of complex structures, extending custom modules and adding new functionalities that had to fit into the existing architecture. Development only.

Website screenshot of COD intranet

City of Darwin Intranet

Lead developer for complex intranet website; based on Drupal Commons, a distribution for social networks with Drupal but highly customised. Deployment strategy to avoid maintenance downtime in the future via git and Drupal multisite to switch between two installations.

Website screenshot of johnnycool.com.au/

Johnny Cool website

Small custom website with responsive theme and good seo in a competitive field (as far as code can help with seo). Development only.

Website screenshot of brownsmart.com.au

Browns Mart Website

Website for the Brown’s Mart Theatre; features event management with repeated dates and automatic unpublishing when all event dates are past (no manual setting required). Development only.

Abstract generative art

The beauty of code

A generative art project done in Processing. Pixels of an image become particles that move following to a Perlin Noise pattern.

screenshot of a banner ad

Flash banners with a CMS

For NT Tourism I developed several Rich Media Dynamic Ads; the content and even layout (4 available here) of this Flash banner can be edited in a backend provided by Google’s DoubleClick system without the need to retraffic the creative. Design by Sprout.


I started programming my own games in DarkBasic as a kid and web development at a time when you had to make sure the design looked exactly the same all across to IE 5 and 5.5…
Fast forward to today I’ve got a degree in Computer Science specialising in media production and roughly 6 years experience in web development.

  • fluent in HTML5, XHTML, CSS3—also in the flavours LESS and (much more preferred) SASS—and JavaScript (mostly jQuery but even js in Adobe Acrobat if I have to)
  • lots of experience in Drupal 7 site building and theming with high level of customisation
  • getting into Angular & (headless) Drupal 8
  • good in vanilla PHP, mySQL, drush, OOP and Drupal framework, comfortable coding custom modules
  • pretty good at debugging things across front- and backend for complex projects
  • can use the Dark Side (Flash & AS3) if required
  • always aim for clean, semantic code, high accessibility and stick to web standards
  • good with Foundation framework (responsive websites) but can use alternatives or code from scratch if required
  • comfortable using git for code management and team work
  • use grunt, gulp, bower, npm, composer, depending on project
  • pretty good in Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign (background in graphic design)
  • strong interest in strategic design, interaction design and information architecture

Pros & Cons

A wise friend of mine always says “there’s a good and a bad side to everything”. So here they are:

  • I’m stubborn. Although my dad calls it determination. In any case, it helps me finding solutions long after others have given up. It also regularly keeps me from going to bed in time.
  • I’m a critical thinker. I always try to think things through and rely on solid evidence to make decisions (which can take a little while if there are many options). I’ll also quickly change my mind if you make a better case.
  • I’m a quick learner, easily motivated by challenges and driven by the desire to come up with great solutions but I also get demotivated if I’m confronted with “just do it” (meaning bad solutions just because the client asks for it) all the time.
  • I’m a perfectionist. But I realise that good is better than perfect because perfect takes too long, but sometimes I’m having a hard time finding the right balance.
  • I’m not perfect. Now considering the above this is somewhat frustrating… But I’m learning new things every day and there’s an opportunity to improve around every corner.
  • I’m a hopeless optimist. Life always works out :)

Education & Experience

Web Developer

2015 | Sitback Solutions
I’m currently working in the support team of one of the major Drupal houses in Sydney, maintaining (read: debugging, changing & expanding) large websites from various backgrounds with complex custom modules.

2014 – 2015 | Freelance Web Developer & Digital Nomad
While traveling around the world, I built websites with mostly Drupal and Craft CMS for a couple of Australian companies and my own web projects; streamlined my way of communicating to make working remotely as efficient and seamless as possible.

2013 – 2014 | Captovate, Darwin NT
As part of a small but very skilled team I built and maintained mostly Drupal websites, but also came in contact with other CMS like Sharepoint and Matrix.

  • lead-developer for Darwin City Council intranet which involved coordinating in-house and freelance developers and using git to keep everyone on the same page

2011 – 2013 | Sprout Creative, Darwin NT
I was almost solely responsible for informational structuring and programming CMS managed websites (mainly Drupal); including theme and module development.

  • improved workflow and hosting environment to be less intimidating for clients

2009 – 2011 | Freelance Web Developer
Immediately before the planned journey to Australia and after arrival in Darwin I worked as freelancer with focus on web development.

Print and Web Designer

2006 – 2009 | Satztechnik Meißen GmbH, Germany
During my dual-system studies I spent half of the time here gaining practical experience in graphic design and prepress production.

  • programmed custom-tailored job-management system from scratch using PHP & mySQL
  • programmed an Applescript-based layout-automation for InDesign that completes texts with data from several pdf-forms


2006 – 2009 | University of Cooperative Education Dresden, Germany

  • Majors: Web Development, Graphic Design, General Programming
  • Minors: Video- & Audio Technology, 3D- Visualisation

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